Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick question.

I've been having some problems with my blog subscription list. I began following a couple of more blogs recently and they're supposed to be added there automatically. I've added them "manually" there two times since they disappeared from the list. But now they're still not there. It's pretty annoying. I don't wanna miss posts because they're not there :/ Has anyone had this problem?



  1. Jag har förskt få bloggers subsription-funktion att funka flera gånger men jag lyckas inte, det är alltid något som försvinner och bloggar som ändrar namn av sig själva. Jag har fått för mig att funktionen sitter ihop med Google Friend Connect så att de bloggarna jag inte följer via den hela tiden försvinner. Jag löste det genom att ge upp och bara köra på Google Reader :p

  2. Yay Hate that! I ranted on my blog about that too! I final changes to Bloglines for my blog reader so i don't miss anything! I was so sick of knowing i wasn't seeing alot of the blogs i read! I basically kick google and their reader out of my life! so now i'm happy!

  3. But it's weird since it's only the recent followings that aren't showing up in my list. And I've added them with the "join this site" plus added them "manually" in the subscription list thing. Annoying! I'll have to look into these other options :P