Monday, January 23, 2012

Another set of outfits.

I thought one of the scheduled posts should be of some outfits since I haven't posted that in a while!

The fab dress is my oldest sisters graduation (studenten) dress. She made it herself from towels. And years later I got to inherit it (score!) The wrist warmer thingies were made by my mom. Yes I have a talented family! :)

My mom made me the green dress when I was 11 or something and last year she altered it a bit so I could use it again (another score!) It's awesome.

The dress is my mom's old one (haha it never ends!) I kinda felt like Minnie Mouse that day with the black stockings but it was a cute look. The necklace was a graduation gift from another one of my sisters :)



  1. I love them all! The green one is so pretty!

    1. You're so sweet :) I really like the green one too!