Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I bought three more polishes on the after X-mas sale and then yesterday I got my polishes from Nailsupplies so I thought I'd post that today :)

I found these two at Kicks at 19 SEK each and had to buy them. How could I not? They look so good together 8) And the colors are pretty :) I like these bigger Isadoras and the most I've ever paid for them is 29 SEK so... :) The green is Jaded and the blue is Petrol Posh.

When I was in line to pay I looked at the Kicks nail polish display. This was the only one there (of its kind) so I felt that was a sign for me to take it with me :P It's Kicks - Evening At Ch. Marmont.

From Nailsupplies (some really slanted pics lol). I felt I needed some glitter in my life. China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, Some Like It Haute & Atlantis (preeettyyy).

I really like the Anchors Away collection. There is a good variety of polishes and I became really polish crazy when it was new so I guess that's another reason for it 8) China Glaze - White Cap, Ahoy! & First Mate.

They finally had Barielle - Elle's Spell in stock :) And then I got Color Club - Raspberry Rush & Orly - Rococo A-Go-Go.

I told my bf that I had set back the swatch-project 12 polishes. He snickered at me but he is a very supportive bf. Yes I'm looking at you! :*

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