Saturday, April 14, 2012

Something new for me.

I finally got my magnetic polish from Born Pretty Store. I was getting worried it was lost or something but no :) I didn't get any good pics but I'll show you one at least. I'll definitely be using this again and have a steadier hand when I do it lol.

Two coats of LiangQiEr - L-005 (I think, that's what it says underneath at least..) + SV. When I opened the parcle I thought "oh no did they send me a crackle?" I don't know what's up with the cap but it is a magnetic :P I really like it, it is in fact a red shimmer ;) But beware, it smells a lot lol!

The bf wondered what it would look like layered over a really light polish. I'll have to try that :)


  1. Oh, I want a red magnetic too!! :D This is so gorgeous!

    1. Yeah it's nice! I found out that a swedish brand is releasing a magnetic collection so I'm excited :D