Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another tag.

Pamsan at Claws In Color gave me an award a while ago. I'm gonna give it a go!

I'm supposed to make an ABC..-list about myself. Which is a lot to come up with I think so we'll see how much it'll be *just* about me lol. Since I'm doing this in english I'll leave out our fabolous swedish letters åäö.

- ATS. I practice American Tribal Style once a week and wrote about it here.
- BF/BFF (boyfriend/best friend forever). I have an awesome bf, I love him to bits. I also have an awesome bff and this summer it's been 10 years since we first met :)
- Candy. I love candy. Like for reals.
- DIY. I like making stuff, and having unique things :)
- Eskil. The future name of my pet 8)
- Felines. I love cats. Even more than candy. (zomg is that even possible lol)
- Gladiator. It's my favorite movie.
- Helga. It's my name lol.
- Iceland. Got 50% icelandic DNA.
- Jokes. I like 'em.
- Kaneshiro. The first serious char in WoW. Night Elf hunter, represent!
- Left. Has always been my direction.
- Moving. I've moved 11 times in my life, geez louise!
- Nerd. I consider myself one. But a cool one at that! ;)
- Orange. It's my second favorite color, after red.
- Parents. Mine are cool.
- Quack!
- Rabbit. One day, I shall have one. Or possibly two! And they will be so cute and cuddly :>
- Sweden. Is where it's at. And to tie this with my third line, swedish candy is the best so I guess I'm here for life.
- Tea. I enjoy a cup of tea in the morning (and the rest of the day lol) but the best cups are the ones with friends and a nice cake fresh out of the oven :)
- Uganda. I went there in 2007 with my school and it was a really cool experience.
- Very hard. As in this list...
- World of Warcraft. My account is over six years old. And although I rarely play anymore I don't see my account going anywhere anytime soon.
- X to the Z Xzibit?
- Yarn. I heart it!
- Zombies. I'm fascinated and also afraid of zombies. I like thinking about survival tactics and what it would be like lol. Yes I'm weird! But I know I'm not alone ;) I prefer reading about them since that's less scary than movies.

Yikes that was hard. I've been adding to the list over quite some time now :P But there you have it!
Gonna do my nails now.


  1. that was brilliant :P I'd love to go to Sweden.

    1. You should :) Also, your profile pic is awesome! :D