Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Purple duochrome.

I've worn this once before a year or so ago but I felt it should get it's time in the spotlight like all the rest lol. I bought this polish at Bordershop in Puttgarden (I think that's where it is at least). Bordershop is a crazy place lol. A reference for my swedish peeps; it's kind of like Ullared but with booze. And candy! :D Aaand also some make up. Like this one 8)

This is two coats of Gosh - Purple Heart + SV. Nice application and drying time. It's a purple and green duochrome. When the light hits it right it's really pretty!

Mostly it looks like this though, a blackened purple shimmer. Well that aint too bad either.

Hopefully when you're reading this I'm settling in at the new place :)

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