Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another little road trip.

This is a scheduled post (if all goes well) since I'm visiting my sister for a couple of days :) Me and the bf had a nice little vacation weekend and I wanted to show you some pics. The trip was made to get an old chair from my grand mom and we also visited my sister (another one lol) and the bf's grand mom on the way back. We had a great time! :) Pics are taken by me or the bf. I'll schedule this for the swedish national day and you can see this as a commercial for my country ;)

The weather changed a lot during the trip. Here's some sweet-o weather! :)

When we arrived at my sister's we got a really nice dinner! Yey food :>

 Pretty landscape taken from the car.

On our way back home we stopped at Taberg, an old mine in a big mountain. An old house from the mining days?

 This was a fallen tree that was "allowed" to stay down to be the home of animals and such.

Look at all that green!

At the top of the mountain. Beautiful view!

And if you're still thinking "meh I probably won't visit Sweden" here's a pic from our last stop on the way home. One of the many places where you can buy candy along the big road lol.

That was one pic heavy post 8) Have you had any fun adventures lately?

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