Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More blue holo.

A couple of weeks ago I finally found the new holographic line from swedish brand Depend. Since they are really expensive (double the cost of the regular ones from the brand) I only bought one. I thought it was a pretty unusual holo color.

This is two coats of Depend - 2036 Ocean Green. They actually gave these names but not on the bottle (since it's too darn small!). The color is a greenish blue with lots of holo! Flash pic.

Lookit, it even shows rainbows in regular light :S Not to mention in the sunlight! Didn't get pics of that though before I went to my sister. Great vacation polish! :)

Buuut... Since it was so awesome I just had to buy three more :S These were also colors that I didn't think I had anything similar to. It's 2032 Denim Blue, 2027 Raspberry & 2030 Plum.

Can't wait to try them as well. Bring forth the sun!

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