Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First week of school.

School has started and it is fun! On monday we had an ice breaker, just some information and fika. On tuesday we started classes. We had morning class and then a city walk to get to know the village. After that we had choir which was super fun! :D

I've also been out with one of my cousins and the day after we went to see the Swamp Soccer (Myrarboltinn). Totally crazy. But cool. Kinda reminds me of Brännbollsyran because the teamplayers were often in funny costumes.

Now for some pics!

My first icelandic purchase, in Reykjavik. I've yet to visit the yarn shop here in Isafjördur :) I'm also gonna buy a lopapeysa.

Sometimes you really think they're joking with these cars...

 Myrarboltinn. Soccer in deep mud. I mean why not?

Muddy people.

More mud.

I've never watched soccer with such a beautiful view.

 We also watched a movie yesterday at the school. Börn nátturunar. It was a good movie but a bit sad. My days will be pretty packed. We have two electives most of the days. Once a week is choir, and twice a week there's a movie. So I'm gonna learn a lot. Also, it's pretty good finally being able to understand what people are saying since my icelandic dad forbade all my relatives from speaking english with me... Phooo. I am currently very good at the language swicelandic. Too bad it's not a real language! ;) I am getting tho how similar swedish and icelandic is and how much easier it is for me than for example for the students from the US. Also, it seems I am the only swede (in the village he he) in my course.

My uncle and aunt are taking really good care of me. I've already had lamb steak and boiled fish, egg and potatoes with melted butter. Yum! I shall have to make them a fancy dish soon! Also, I must go to the hardfiskur store really soon. I need a harfo fix lol.

I also took a little walk around Isafjördur on monday before the ice breaker and bought a drinking skyr at the super market. It was pretty good. I kinda feel I wanna try as many different icelandic things as possible :P

I'll try and get another update later in the week. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm fine and having a lot of fun! I hope all is well in the land of the swedes.


  1. Oj! Ja ser fram emot att göra en massa kul saker på Island, lerfotboll är tack och lov inte en av dem! ^^

  2. Allt petta synist mér mjög flott! Halttu áfram, bara!
    Kram mamma

  3. Kul att vara på Island! Ville bara tacka för att du påminde mig om torkade äppelringar :-)
    Har tänkt på det länge, men hade glömt bort det. Tack för påminnelsen!