Monday, September 9, 2013

Smoothies part 5.

I need to take some pics of what I've been making with my hands since I got back from Iceland. I also got some new no poo-stories to tell! But until I do that here's another smoothie. It's a good one!

This one is bananas, fresh dates, dark chocolate, milk and some ice. Yum! Here I just put the chocolate in in pieces but since then I've started grating it in since it's easier to blend that way. Also, you don't need a lot of chocolate. When I make enough just for myself I grate one of those chocolate pieces.

Here I made enough for me and the bf :) Also, sometimes I put some ginger in there for a bit of a flavor punch. Which is good since ginger is super healthy!

I drink these for breakfast but it would also make a nice dessert or snack :)


  1. Jäklarns vad gott det låter med smoothie.

    Bor du i Malmö kanske? Det är det enda stället som jag vet som också har ett broderikafé. I så fall får du hälsa Ann-Sofie från mig.

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  3. Herre min je så gott! Måste kanske göra en innan jobbet idag. Som en styrketår, liksom.