Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some words.

No posts in 2 weeks oops.. Anyways I'm still here. Just need to find some time and energy to write. I haven't been very craftsy lately but still have some finished, unblogged items. I think it might be that I put too much pressure on myself to make a lot of christmas presents and it made me a bit overwhelmed. So I'll just finish the pieces I've started and then if I feel like it I'll make more. I might even make something for myself even tho christmas is coming up! Crazytown! :)

Anyways, another reason it's been quiet is because I've gotten a job! :D It's a temp for 3 months in the field that I was the most interested in. I've just had my first week but I already feel at home and like the assignments and so on. Everything just worked out perfectly :)

Today I've had my dad and sister, brother in law and last but not least niece over for dinner (which my dad brought and prepared in full - the luxury!). Awesome :) Yesterday evening was spent with by bestie and good food and lots of talking :)

I even tried roller derby this week which was really fun (certainly crazytown that one! :P) and I think I'm gonna try it a couple more times since I only have ATS now and need exercise more than once a week.

Hopefully I'll paint my nails soon and make some nail art. It's been a bit dry on that front...

Anyways, life is good you guys!


  1. Åh Roller Derby verkar skoj som fan!

  2. Kul med jobb! Tack för fin kommentar hos mig!