Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer musings.

Here's another peek into what makes everyday life that much better.

This was my dinner one evening after our weekly ATS-dancing. Nuff said. Sill makes me weirdly excited. And new potatoes!!! (+ butter ofc)

Went to the tea shop with my mom. Finally some real loose leaves from my favorite brand Kränku :)

In our new mug. It's what I like to call äkta feeling.

This last friday the bf and I had a bunch of friends over and made sushi. It was delish! The saké was not lol. But purdy.

 Also, since I've improved my skills in yarnz I've also improved my skill in realising my limitations. And ripping something up and starting over isn't that scary or annoying. This knit wasn't going to turn out the way I wanted so I took inspiration from an awesome sweater my mom made for lil A and decided domino sqaures was the right way to go. Feels great! :)


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