Friday, July 29, 2011

Moar tape!

A couple of days ago I painted my nails with Sally Hansen - Bronze Ruby which is soo pretty! Unfortunately my bottle is all thick and weird even though I used thinner (or maybe because I don't know). It wouldn't dry even with SV and I bumped it a couple of times. Since it's so pretty I decided the day after to do a tape mani. I had seen a nice tutorial for it at MakeupMyLack My tape didn't really work like hers but the result turned out nice anyway. I just had to be patient while cutting the strips :P I think this is the best tape mani I've done so far :)

The purple is China Glaze - First Class Ticket

Bronze Ruby looks mostly orange/coppery in these pics but it looks red when not in direct light.

There you have it! I think tape manis are so much fun! :) Today a friend is coming over for coffee and the bf starts his vacation. Yey!

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