Friday, July 22, 2011

Re-fresh Mint

One of the CGs I got was Re-fresh Mint. I think this actually might've been my first pastel. At least in another color than pink.

I usually don't notice much about the application but after the dream that was U Must Have This I thought that it was a bit annoying to apply. I guess that's common with pastels tho.

Aaah, my hand is not that red IRL! ;)

And then I got bored and decided to try a little more advanced tape-mani. I thought it turned out pretty cool :) The darker blue is Depend 41 and the lighter is U Must Have This.

Another rainy day here in Sweden :( I hope it clears up tonight! We're having some friends over for dinner in our now super clean apartment. Yey! :)


  1. I love mint-colors, they're so pretty! :)

  2. Yeah they are and I think this will be pretty in the winter too :)

  3. Nu var det länge sen jag bar ett mintfärgat lack! Tror min favorit i samlingen är MAC Peppermint Patti.

  4. Aa den var fin, lite mer blå än denna ser det ut som.