Thursday, July 21, 2011

U Must Crack This

Here's what I did with the pretty blue polish! Cracked it! With Depend Cracked Effect 5002. I really really reeeaaally liked this mani :)

I even wore matching stufs when I went down to fetch my new China Glazes hoho. 
The ring I made with CG Frostbite and Depend 54. 
The earring is from H&M (modified since I'm allergic to everything but gold).

I've also been baking bread today :) Yummers!

And the last pic I promise.. Today I finished with the Dark Tower-series by Stephen King. Aaah, what shall I do now?? I started with the first book 3 or 4 years ago and I've been reading them since with some pauses and a lot of other books in between. So it feels a bit weird not to have another one to read! Luckily my sister lent me Under the Dome and The Dark Half so I should be okay for a while I guess. Darn you Stephen King for writing such amazing books!

My sister made the bookmark. Yes they know I love rainbows.. :) And also I just realized the print on the covers matches the book cover. /giggle

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