Friday, October 14, 2011

Heavy metal.

This pix are a couple of weeks old. I was going to do a metallic theme but realised I need more metallics in non-metal colors for that. So I'm just going to post two of the manis today and the third one tomorrow.

Metal gradient. The copper by itself looked awful to my skintone Good thing I added :P It's MNY - 461. The middle is Victoria's Secret - Lovelight and the silver is Depend - 223.

Since I am a sucker for gradients I liked this one :)

The next one is a water marble that I unfortunately didn't get good photos of. It was done with the same copper and silver plus blue Depend - 247 and green 225.

Photographing the other hand with a big camera is really hard :P This marble was ridge-erific. Next time I do a metallic water marble I'll have some nice underwear lol. It was pretty and aquatic at least.

Today I have school all day but then it's weeeekend :) Yey!

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