Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leopard, take 2.

I had the time and felt like doing some nail art the other day. And what better than to continue to practise leopard print :]

Inspired by this.

The bottles looked so cute together so they got a photo. China Glaze - Re-fresh Mint & Starboard and the black is Liquid Leather as usual + SV. And since it's all green you can consider this my depression awareness mani :)

I wore this yesterday in school with a matching outfit. This is my Re-fresh Mint cardigan lol.

The stockings are greener IRL 8) So as to match Starboard :>

I think I'll have to learn how to do zebra print as well ;) Also I've actually taken OOTDs every day for a week. Do you guys think that's fun to see every once in a while?


  1. Great nails! You´re really good at leopard prints ;) And I would like to see more OOTDs ;)

  2. Thank you :) Yey then I'll post some more :)