Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Orange marble.

This weekend I did a water marble :)

I painted two coats of Gosh - Orange Drops, but I should've gone with a more opaque polish.. The I marbled with CG - Lighthouse & High Hopes and SOPI - Note To Self.

As always some nails turn out better than other. Also this should've been a summer mani since the orange made me look paler.


I really liked the ring and pinky finger on this hand :)

For some reason the bf wanted to be included in this photo. That's alright since he's out of town and I miss him! 8) But he's coming home tonight so it's OK ;)

I don't know why the spacing is off -.- But I have to get ready for school so I'll have to leave it...


  1. Thanks! I wish it would've been a bit more contrast tho between the colors. Next time! :P