Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mismatching hands.

I tried something new for this mani and it's always fun when that turns our pretty nice :) I had to cover up the pink and decided to give a polish a new chance. I didn't like H&M - Moody Model the first time I used it. But it grew a little on me so I think we can be friends now ;)

My left hand got some striping tape which I placed so that the bumps would be covered. I thought it looked cute :) Like a present on my nails 8)

It didn't look streaky IRL but the new lens is quite imba and shows everything :P

Onto the new achievement! My first ruffian :) I thought it turned out really nice since it was my first time and I did it with my non-dominant hand. It was fun having mismatched hands :)

This one's for you boy :*

Time to do some nails! ;) Toodels!

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