Monday, November 28, 2011

Something different.

I said in a post a few days ago that I was thinking about doing the 31 day challenge. But I wouldn't have time to do all of it, not in 31 days. The reason I've wanted to do it is to "force" myself to try new things. So I cropped the challenge a bit :P

Here's what I'll be doing instead. The 14 day challenge that might take more than 14 days ;P I think it will be a lot of fun! I guess you can figure out that I look forward to the rainbow day the most 8)

So tomorrow will be some black & white nails!


  1. That's funny! But,I know how you feel with the challenge!

  2. Det är en bra idé att klippa ut de roligaste bitarna :) Jag hade heller inte kunnat få till alla 31 dagar... men kanske jag ger mig på din bit av listan, nu när den ju ändå blivit urklippt ;)

  3. Nail Reflections - Yeah, I think I would get stressed if I took too many days to complete the whole thing. And blogging should be fun :)

    Cactus - Det vore skoj att se vad du kunde komma på för fina grejjer om du gjorde den också :)