Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another day, another marble.

Here's one of the water marbles I did last weekend. I've mostly water marbled with my China Glazes but I thought I should give the Isadoras a go as well since I have a few of them and there's plenty of polish in them :)

The marbling was done with Isadora - Jaded, Turquoise & Spellbound Black. I thought it lacked something so when I was done I put a coat of Color Club - Si Vous Please over it.

I didn't get a lot of great pics of this but you get the idea at least. I was a bit bummed that Spellbound looked so grey. Ah well.

Right hand. I wish all fingers had turned out more like the index and thumb on this hand. But that's also the charm with marbles, you never know what you're gonna get ;P

That was all for today! I'm waiting on a package with SV and I can't wait because I've been out for a long time and I miss it for tape and sponge manis. I hope I get it next week so I can do some more nail art! :)


  1. Väldigt tjusigt! Jag har sällan tålamod att göra water marbles, men snyggt blir det :)

    1. Jag tycker själva marblandet är jätteskoj men att städa upp efter det är minsann inte det :P

  2. I think your did great! I love the colors you used!