Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mimmi Pigg.

Mimmi Pigg is Minnie Mouse in swedish. I bought her polish at H&M for 10 SEK on sale. I also have Daisy, and those are the only ones that I know of. It was hard photographing it though. In the bottle I thought it was more of a coral polish but it's mostly just pink.

Probably a bit warmer tone than in this picture. I did two coats and they dried pretty fast. Application was nice and easy.

Excuse the tip wear, I took this photo when I got home since there was some sun (I know shocking!).

Here it is in direct sunlight. I think the color is probably a mix of my three photos :P I liked wearing it which was good since I wasn't feeling myself and had the same polish on for 6 (!) days.


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  1. This is so cute! Although I have many pinks, I would probably get this just because it's Minnie :)