Sunday, March 11, 2012

A red without shimmer.

Red is my favorite color, but not really on my nails. At least not in creme form. I've thought that it doesn't suit me but it kind of does. At least at my new little nubs. So when they were all filed down I picked a red (shimmerless!) shade for them.

Two coats of L'Oreal - 504 + SV. I got this polish at H&M for 10 SEK. Pretty nice :P I don't know if this is a jelly or something. Maybe. I'm not that good at finishes. I think I would've had to use more coats if I had longer nails. It looks a bit pinkish in the bottle but mostly on the nails is just redred.

It's fun to wear something different (for me lol) every once in a while. Today me and the bf are going out in the sun (!) for a walk and then we're gonna make smoothies and yummy sandwiches. Yey for weekends :)


  1. It looks pretty! We tried the cat shelters here but kittens are very wanted at the moment and there are no kittens in the shelters right now.. x

    1. Oh yeah I can imagine. Kittens are always wanted. Problem is when they grow up then it's harder to give them a home :( Maybe look in the paper and see if there are any ads there.