Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mál og menning.

I've had 2 busy days here in Iceland. Lots of good food and friendly relatives. I feel like we've been here for a week when I think about how much we've done already. Today I'm going west (gooo weeeeest, just had to) with a domestic flight. I'm gonna stay at my aunt's house during the three week course in icelandic language (mál) and culture (menning). Here's some culture for ya!

Skyr, kind of like icelandic yoghurt. Also, look at my new all fair trade arm candy. Luuurve it!

Being from Sweden I've found all these ridiculously big cars very funny. There are lots of SUVs here. Lots. And bigger than this one. A lot of people use them for cruising in the rough nature.

Breakfast of champions, harðfiskur (dried fish). I'm going to eat so much harfo this month!!11

Also, we've had excellent weather. Sunny and not very windy :)


  1. Jag tycker redan att du ser mer isländsk ut. Har du ätit bláberjaskyr än?

    1. Haha najs. Nej jag har bara ätit den på bilden och smakat en med vanilj som inte var så god.