Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If you can eat it, put it in your hair.

I've been meaning to write another no poo-post for a while. I try new things every now and again. The last thing I tried was washing my hair with rye flour (rågmjöl). Here's a whole list of different ways to wash your hair (in swedish). I've tried 6 of those so far lol. Experimenting is fun!

 I started with pouring some water and rye flour in a glass jar. It sat there for 1-2 hours or so. I shook the jar a couple of times during those hours.

Then I strained it to something more practical to use in the shower. An old honey container. This took a while! I made enough for two washes.

I put some honey and corn starch in the strained flour and put that on my face as a mask. No idea if it did any good but I felt it was wasteful to just throw it away! It worked as a mild scrub anways. Plus it's always fun to have food on your face right?

I think this cleaned my hair okay but it was a bit of a hassle compared to my regular routine. The thing about no poo is you might have to try a lot of different things to get something that works for you. I know a lot of people use several methods as well for different effects. It's too bad I don't have a hair pic but it's really hard to photograph your own hair! :p I should ask the bf to take some before and after pics since I have to cut it.
Oh and this month I've been no poo for a year! :)


  1. Ser ut lite som surdeg, fast det hade nog inte luktat så gott i håret, hehe. Vad coolt att du hållit på ett helt år, imponerande.

  2. hej, ja visst är den! har varit lite kär i siri-koftan sedan första gången jag såg den =) ska bli kul att komma igång