Monday, October 7, 2013

Wool wool wool.

An unexpected trip back to Iceland generated a lot of special memories and of course, more wool.

 More blue and grey Einband. I'm thinking a gradient two strand sweater...

100 g balls of yarn are hard to resist. Especially when they are in pretty colors like these!

And ofc some more plötulopi. Lurve it! The grey is for my lopapeysa and the blue is probably for some childrens peysa later on :)

I also bought 3 or 400 g plötulopi for my mom but forgot to take a pic before I gave it to her. About 950 g of plötulopi, 200 g Álafosslopi and 200 g Einband and I paid 308 SEK. YES PEOPLE!

Here's a pic I took when we went up in the tower of Hallgrimskirkja. Cool view! (In case you needed some other reason to visit Iceland besides the awesome yarn.)



  1. Åh ack, de roströda! Bevare mig vad jag är sticksugen.

  2. Fina garner och Island ser lockande ut!
    Roligt att du gillade mitt återbruk med jeans! :)