Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day of DIY # 63. Summer top.

Here's something I made in the beginning of summer. Finally some pics of it, with grand scenery :) This is my contribution to Fredrikas Sypepp (for the third time). This one's theme is sun. And this is a good top for sunny days! Pics of me taken by the bf.

A top made from an old duvet cover. And some (thrifted) yarnz.

I even made a pattern based on a top I really like. You might recognise the fabric from these and this. Duvet covers are really big... Lots of projects to be made from them 8)

The background is of course Iceland.

Since I didn't want to make proper straps (making them the same width and so forth, lazyness, coolness...) I crocheted a length of chains in a white cotton yarn and then pulled it through the tops of the pieces. I guess you understand what I mean even tho my english sewing vocabulary sucks ;P

This was the second and improved top. I might post the first one since I do use that one too.

I was really pleased with this top! It was super simple to make, perfect for a sewing beginner as myself. The fabric is old and worn making it really cool and perfect for summer :) I'll probably use it in the winter as well tho. The black skirt was a gift from my mom and it's also something I've worn all the time this summer.

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  1. Love that you made this from an old duvey cover - it turned out beautifully and wherever you are in these photos is gorgeous as well!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages